Monday, April 15, 2013

Touch Korea Tour - Fun Tour - Day 5

On night 4 I thoroughly enjoyed the best beer, hallasan soju and fireworks that the mini-stop outside our resort had to offer. Then the ones in the hotel bar...and finally the mini-bar in my hotel room…I learned a lot about Korea that night with a half-local.

To be completely honest, Day 5 was a tough one for me, but one of my favourite days of the whole trip!
We had a really early morning bus call to head to Songsan-Ichulbong, What an amazing site to see just after sunrise!
My head hurt, but I was very happy to hike up Sunrise peak with my friends and get an amazing view over Jeju Island. It was a tough hike, with many people on the steep paths, but it was beautiful and really worth the effort we all put in to make it to the top!

After a rest to take in the incredible view we made our way to our final stop at Jeju Island, Gwaneumsa, where we completed a mission counting Buddha statues that looked the same…more difficult that I thought! I didn’t win the Mapae T.T but it was a really peaceful and relaxing atmosphere near Mt Halla. We all really enjoyed walking around the grounds of the temple and chatting to the local monks.

So sad to say goodbye to Jeju Island, but I will be back! soon!

Back to Seoul for a night of bibimbap and Noraebang in myeongdong for the FUN Team!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Touch Korea Tour - Fun Tour - Day 4 - Jeju Island!

This morning we went to the beautiful Seosokkak Estuarty in jeju Island. This estuary is where the fresh water from the island meets with the ocean. 

It was such a relaxing place, the fun tour team members each kayaked down the estuary, it was a really nice and peaceful way to start the day.

We then took a break on the beautiful beach, and had a friendly competition between the guys and girls of the group to see who could stack the most rocks in the sand, an old tradition in korea.

Then we were off to Jeju Olle trail, but on the way our tour guide taught us all about the famous jeju orange fruit, hallabong, we got to try some, they were delicious!

At jeju Olle we walked along the paths of the jeju-do coastline, taking in all the beautiful scenery. It was so breathtaking! I finally got to see the famous Oedolgae rock, which I had heard about. It apparently formed a long time ago after a  woman who waited for her husband to return from sea. Fearing the loss of her beloved, she threw herself into the ocean. Only after she took her life did her husband's body wash ashore.  

While walking we also got to sample some squid fried on famous Jeju black stone. All of the rocks on jeju island have a unique black colour and texture because of the way the island was formed, from a volcano!

We stopped off at Jeju Stadium and saw many of these statues! so cool!

For lunch we got to enjoy abalone caught by the famous women divers of Jeju island. Wow, I heard these are expensive,  but they are worth it! Jeju island is known for its strong women, and the women who catch this food for us use no breathing equipment,  wow, so impressive!

Now we were on to the ATV experience. This was definitely a highlight for me and Ricky.  It was very special to be able to ride atv’s through the jungle with friends. Scenic mountains on one side and the most beautiful beaches on the other.  We also got to see some stunts performed by the professionals. There were 3 courses we went on, and once the tour was over, Ricky & I were invited to take on the advanced course where we could go much faster and do jumps. It was SO much fun.

Ricky Kim- the jungle man in his element

We headed off to a marina where we boarded the goodship Bona. It was a very special evening, as it was our last night in Jeju Island, but also team member Tiphany’s birthday.
We spent the evening eating a huge meal of beef ribs and assorted seafoods, sampled some nice wine and enjoyed each others company on a very luxurious yacht sailing along the coast.
We also had an impromptu dance party on deck, caught some fish and witnessed the nicest sunset of my life.

Today was a day I will never forget!

Watching the jungle man watch himself being the jungle man!